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Thank you for visiting the donation page of the Leonardo First Aid Squad & Rescue Squad. As you may already know, we rely heavily on donations from local residence and businesses. Each year we estimate approximately $75,000.00 is needed to maintain the operations of the squad and keep it running in a way that can provide the latest care to our residents of the Township of Middletown.

 Here are just a few of the expenses of the Leonardo First Aid Squad & Rescue Squad:

  • Ambulances & Maintenance

  • Rescue Truck and Tools

  • AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators)

  • First aid supplies

  • Building maintenance

  • Specialized Extensive training for our member


 We encourage everyone to help out our first aid squad. Your money will make a difference in helping us save a life. To make a charitable donation:


Please make checks or money orders payable to:

Leonardo First Aid Squad, Inc

P.O. Box 222

Leonardo, NJ 07737


You can send us a donation via Paypal or credit card by clicking the Donate button Above.



Thank you!!

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